R: [EVA] Eva DVD sighting

Ebj e.barone at flashnet.it
Mon Apr 5 11:56:34 EDT 1999

>What the hell are you talking about?  DVDs support AC-3 and stereo tracks.
>Even mpeg2 audio is superior to regular analog.

To my knowledge, AC-3 has not been adopted in zone-2 as a way to prevent piracy
(I wouldn't know what would they accomplish with this, but that's the way it
is). Mpeg-2 (not Mpeg-1 Layer 2) is a compression standard meant to occupy
minimum bandwidth in digital broadcasting, and it's been reported to be
'scratchy', as it shouldn't be able to go over 22KHz sample rate. And, as a
personal preference, analog audio is much better than digital.

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