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New information delinated with "(*"


Section 1. General information about the series.

1.0) Story Background.
1.0.1) What does "Shin Seiki Evangelion" translate as? 
1.1) Tell me about Genesis 0:0, 26 TV episodes, and the two movies. 
1.1a) What are the different versions of the films?
1.1.1) What is Genesis 0:0? 
1.2) Who are the characters?
1.3) The EVAs. 
1.4) The Angels. 
1.5) Timeline. 
1.6) Religious glossary
1.6.1) What is the tree-like image seen in the opening credits?
1.6.2) What are the Dead Sea Scrolls? 
1.6.3) What does NERV mean?
1.6.4) Where did the motto for NERV come from?
1.6.5) What does "Seele" mean?
1.6.6) What does "Gehirn" mean? 
1.6.7) Who are the Magi?
1.6.8) What is the Spear of Longinus? (was 5.6)
1.6.9) Who is Adam, Eve and Lillith? 
1.6.10) What is the seven eyed logo?
1.6.11) What is Marduk? 


Section 1. General information about the series.

1.0) Story Background.   

On September 13, AD2000, a disaster later known as the Second Impact
strikes the earth.  A large explosion at the South Pole said to be caused
by a meteor melted the ice caps, causing the sea level to rise and the
earth's axis to tilt, and causing the death of two billion of the world's
population in the aftermath.

In the year 2015, an unknown object approaches Tokyo-3.  At the same time
Ikari Shinji was called to this city by his father after a long separation.

1.0.1) What does "Shin Seiki Evangelion" translate as? 

Literally, it translates as "The Gospel of a New Century".  However
Gainax has used its discretion to name the English title "Neon Genesis
Evangelion", which is a combination of three Greek words.  "Euangelos"
is the Greek word for Gospel, composed of "eu" (good) and "angelos"

1.1) Tell me about Genesis 0:0, 26 TV episodes, and the two movies. 

The canon of Evangelion is the 26 episodes of its TV series.  There
was also a videotape, Genesis 0:0, {which is a promotion of the
series}.  A movie "Evangelion:  Death and Rebirth" was released March
1997, and another one "The End of Evangelion" was released July 1997.

The director's cut of "Death (True)" and "Rebirth" was shown on
Japanese satellite TV (JSB), 2 January, 1998, from 10:10pm to 12

A new movie, "Revival", was released on March 7th, 1998, and includes
a re-edited version of the "Death" sequence of the first movie
"(True)" (second edit), and comprises of all three segments ("Death
(True)", "Rebirth" and "End".)

In addition, the Red Cross Book (RCB) lists a glossary of terms as
used in the series and films, and claims to be the final explanation
of the secrets and mysteries of Evangelion.  (See 5.8) for a list of
the definitions given in the RCB.)

1.1a) What are the different versions of the films?

Death & Rebirth (March 1997): Original theatrical motion picture;
Death is a retelling of the first 24 TV episodes with augumented
animation.  Rebirth is an original feature, which chronicles events
directly following episode 24.

End of Evangelion (July 1997): Original theatrical motion picture,
which chronicles events directly following Rebirth.  It is divided
into two sections, "Air" and "Magokoro Wo, Kimi Ni".

Death (True) and Rebirth (January 1998): Japanese satellite broadcast.
Death (True) is a second edit of the original Death feature.

Revival (March 1998): Theatrical motion picture compiling all three
segments, the first segment being a second condesation of the first 24
episodes, the second and third being Revival and End.

1.1.1) What is "Genesis 0:0" 

The tape is filled with video images of the art design for the series.
There are eight parts to the tape, each describing different art
designs, such as characters, mecha, etc.  It is intended to be an
introduction to the series.

1.2) Who are the characters?

The description are mostly from the character description of the film
books.  (Heights are estimations, and are not derived from any
reliable source.)

  Character              Description            Seiyuu/Voice     First
                                                   Actor       Appearance

 Ikari Shinji  The main character. "Third       Ogata Megumi       1
               Children". Pilot of Evangelion
               Unit 1 (EVA-01). His mother
               died when he was young, and he
               has also been living apart
               from his father for 10 years.
               Was asked suddenly by his
               father to come to Tokyo-3, and
               thrust into the position of
               pilot. 14 years old (2nd year
               Japanese middle school).
               Height approx. 4' 9"

 Ayanami Rei   "First Children". Pilot of       Hayashibara        1
               Evangelion Unit 0 (EVA-00).      Megumi
               Was trained specifically for
               this since the early phase of
               the project. Was heavily
               injured in an accident during
               development and is still in
               cast and bandages in TV ep.1.
               Silent and do not seem to
               express her emotions. 14 years
               old (2nd year Japanese middle
               Height approx. 4' 7"

 Souryuu       "Second Children". Pilot of      Miyamura           8
 Asuka         Evangelion Unit 2 (EVA-02).      Yuko
 Langley       Has both Japanese and German
               blood, but her nationality is
               American. Decisive and
               competitive. A Genius who has
               graduated from university the
               year before the TV series.
               Height approx. 5' 5"

 Ikari         Commander of NERV, an            Tatsuki            1
 (Rokubungi)   organisation under the United    Fumihiko
 Gendou        Nations that exists for the
               purpose of investigating /
               researching / annihilating
               the beings called "Angels".
               Also responsible for the
               development of the
               Evangelions. Father of Ikari
               Shinji. Very secretive. 48
               years old.
               Height approx. 5' 7-8"

 Fuyutsuki     NERV's second-in-command.        Kiyokawa           1?
 Kouzou        Commands NERV when Gendou is     Motomu
               away. 10 years older than
               Gendou, and has known him from
               his university days.

 Katsuragi     NERV HQ Tactics-Operations       Mitsuishi          1
 Misato        Dept. Operation Office Sect 1,   Kotono
               The immediate superior of   
               Shinji, and also his guardian
               and housemate. 29 years old.
               Captain at the beginning of the   
               series, later promoted to
               Height approx. 5' 3"

 Akagi         Head of the Evangelion           Yamaguchi          1
 Ritsuko       development project. Has known   Yuriko
               Misato since both were
               students. A beautiful lady who
               is cool and intellectual. As a
               scientist she is very capable
               but sometimes comes across
               being {detached and
               unsympathetic}. Collects
               little cat toys as a hobby. 30
               years old.

 Ibuki Maya    MAGI operator, lieutenant.       Nagasawa   
               As somebody on                   Miki
               rec.arts.anime.misc once said,
               "best identified by the line
               'Dame desu!' (It doesn't work!
               We can't!)".

 Hyuuga        NERV Bridge Operator             Yuuki Hiro   
 Makoto        Seems to have some sort of
               attraction to Misato.

 Aoba Shigeru  NERV Bridge Operator             Koyasu   
               Plays the guitar.                Takehito

 Kaji Ryouji   classmate of Misato and Ritsuko  Yamadera   
               in the University of Tokyo-2.    Kouichi
               He had lived together with 
               Misato in their university life.
               He is also a double-spy of 
               SEELE and Japanese Government.
               His position is Special 
               Investigation Department of 
               NERV, and Inquiry Section of the 
               Department of Interior of Japan.

 Suzuhara      At first a bully to Shinji, he   Seki   
 Touji         becomes Shinji's best friend.    Tomokazu

 Aida Kensuke  A military otaku, he and Touji   Iwanaga   
               become Shinji's best friends     Tetsuya

 Horaki        Class President; Asuka's best    Iwao Junko   
 Hikari        friend; looks down on Touji and

 Pen Pen       Described as a "warm-weather"    Hayashibara   
               penguin, Pen-Pen shares          Megumi        
               Misato's apartment with Shinji
               and Asuka.

 Nagisa Kaoru  Born, September 13, AD2000, the  Ishida Akira   
               Fifth children.

 Ikari Yui     Shinji's mother. Disappeared in  Hayashibara   
               an accident when Shinji was      Megumi

 Akagi Naoko   Ritsuko's mother.  Created the   Doi Mika 
               MAGI Super-computer system.

 girl A                                         Miyamura

 announce                                       Hiramatsu

 Keel Lorentz                                   Mugihito

 soldier                                        Nishimura

 soldier                                        Ugaki

 soldier                                        Naka Hiroshi

 couple in                                      Miyamura
 theater                                        Yuko

 couple in                                      Nagano
 theater                                        Hirokazu

 Tokita                                         Ohtsuka
 Shirou                                         Yoshitada

 O.T.R.                                         Nishimura
 Admiral                                        Tomomichi

 nurse                                          Matsushita

 Asuka's                                        Seki
 father                                         Toshihiko

 Asuka's                                        Kawamura
 mother                                         Maria
 Kyoko Langley

 female                                         Katsuki
 doctor                                         Masako

 professor                                      Ohyama

 Seele                                          Seki

 committee                                      Ishino
 member                                         Ryuuzou

1.3) The EVAs. 

Evangelions are artificial beings created as versatile weapons against
Angels.  They are piloted from "Entry plugs" situated in the EVAs'
backbones.  A pilot needs to synchronise with an EVA in order to pilot
it.  The EVAs' origin is part of the main plot of the series.  Their
approximate height is about 40m and weight 700 Imperial tons
(estimation only- no factual evidence.) 

     Unit                   Description              Pilot          Owner

 Evangelion     Prototype. Orange in color. Went     Ayanami Rei    NERV
 Unit 0         berserk a few days before Shinji
 (EVA-00)       arrived in ep.1, and heavily
 Japan built    injured Rei. Heavily damaged during
                events in ep.6. Repaired and
                upgraded to EVA-00' afterwards.
                EVA-00 has one eye 

 Evangelion     "Kai" means "modified". Blue in      Ayanami Rei    NERV
 Unit 0 kai     color. After severe damage during
 (EVA-00')      events in ep.6, armor was
 Japan built    completely rebuilt in blue color,
                added shoulder blades (for battle
                configration), and status was also
                upgraded from ProtoType to
                TestType.  EVA-00' has one eye 

 Evangelion     Test type. Purple in color. Seems    Ikari Shinji   NERV
 Unit 1         to have some mysterious
 (EVA-01)       characteristic lacking in the other
 Japan built    EVAs. Only EVA known to restart
                after total power failure, reason
                unknown. Only EVA to have success-
                fully have had an Dummy Plug oper-
                ating inside it. Also carries 
                various other systems that 
                Production Models lack.  EVA-01
                has two eyes 

 Evangelion     Red in color (same as the plug suit  Soryu Asuka    NERV
 Unit 2         of its pilot). First production      Langley
 (EVA-02)       model, designed in Japan, built in 
 German built   Germany, but transported to Tokyo-3 
                at Gendou's request. EVA-02 has 4 eyes

 Evangelion     Second Production Model, built in    Not revealed   NERV
 Unit 3         the US. After EVA-04's accident US   until ep.18.
 (EVA-03)       handed its control over to NERV
 US built       Japan.

 Evangelion     Third Production Model, built in     unknown /      NERV
 Unit 4         the US. During its test, EVA-04's    unassigned
 (EVA-04)       S2 Engine, which was restored in 
 US built       German and was installed in EVA-04 
                caused it to *sink* into the Sea of 
                Dirac, taking everything within
                its 100mile radius; the cause 

 Evangelion     Mass Production model EVA units,     Not revealed   SEELE
 Unit 5-13      built in various places of the world until End of
 (EVA-05 -      (SEELE member countries; see 3.9)    Evangelion
 EVA-13)        Has some design change from older

1.4) The Angels.   

If Unit One is credited with a kill, that means that it was not under 
Shinji's control at the time. People who are credited with an assist, 
that means they made significant progress toward defeating the angel.

Order                  Name           Episode

The First Angel:       Adam           Intro, episode 12   
    "The first human"

    Misato sees mysterious illuminating figure, just before
    Second Impact of year 2000, also rumoured that EVA series
    are clone of First Angel; the silhoutte of the First Angel
    appears to be like EVA-01.  

The Second Angel:      ???            ???
    (Unknown; some speculate that the mysterious wing like
    figure that apears during second impact is the second Angel;
    another source places the Second Angel in the US as the 
    subject of research; as yet unproven.)  

The Third Angel:       Sachiel        Episode 1
    "Angel of Water"
    Defeated by Unit One.

    Humanoid angel, first angel to shown in the TV series uses
    illuminating spikes<?> for close combat attack Self
    destructs itself after it was beaten by EVA-01

The Fourth Angel:      Shamshiel      Episode 3
    "Angel of the Sun"
    Defeated by Shinji.

    Has ability to fly <but no wings>, looks like a giant
    insect, uses light tentacles as weapons

The Fifth Angel:       Ramiel         Episode 5-6
    "Angel of Thunder"
    Defeated by Shinji, assisted by Rei.

    Shaped like Giant diamond, semi-transparent <or fully
    transparent> Uses very powerful particle beam as weapons, it
    also has drill-like appendage to drill its way into the

The Sixth Angel:       Gagiel         Episode 8
    "Angel of Fish"
    Defeated by Shinji and Asuka, assisted by the UN Fleet.

    Only known water-dwelling angel, attacks UN fleet on route
    to Japan, It doesn't have special weapons, as it generally
    use ramming and biting as its weapons.

The Seventh Angel:     Israphel       Episode 9   
    "Angel of music"
    Defeated by Shinji and Asuka.

    Looks similar to third angel, however it has the ability to
    divide itself into self-functioning halves.  It appears to
    have a weak AT Field; it was temporarily disabled by a N2

The Eighth Angel:      Sandalphon     Episode 10
    "Angel of Embryos"
    Defeated by Asuka, assisted after the fact by Shinji.

    First discovered as embryo by Volcano research team, NERV
    tries capture this angel, however it manages to "grow" to
    break the cage.  Has the ability to survive in extreme
    temperature and pressure.

The Ninth Angel:       Matriel        Episode 11   
    "Angel of Rain"
    Defeated by Shinji, assisted by Asuka and Rei.

    Spider-like appearance, it secretes acid like substance from
    eye that can melt steel, and even EVA armor

The Tenth Angel:       Tzachquiel     Episode 12
    "Angel of the Sky"
    Defeated by Asuka, greatly assisted by Shinji and Rei.

    First discovered orbiting Earth, it tries to orbital-skydive
    all the way down to surface, dropping bombs, then self

The Eleventh Angel:    Iroul          Episode 13
    "Angel of Fear"
    Defeated by Ritsuko, assisted by Maya.

    Computer Virus Angel, first discovered as contamination in
    test body, it manages to hack itself into MAGI computer
    core, in order to compel MAGI to set Self Destruct sequence.
    It appears to be able to evolve exponentially.  

The Twelfth Angel:     Leriel         Episode 16   
    "Angel of Night"
    Defeated by Unit One.

    It uses giant sphere like thing as decoy, when its target is
    lured, it creates void 650m in diameter yet only 3 nano
    meters thick, absorbing whatever is on it.  The void is 
    described as the "Sea of Dirac".  

The Thirteenth Angel:  Bardiel        Episode 18
    "Angel of Hail"
    Defeated by Unit One, under the control of the Dummy Plug.    

    Its real form is rather unknown, however it manages to take
    over EVA-03 when it is passed through a cloud.

The Fourteenth Angel:  Zeruel         Episode 19
    "Angel of Might"
    Defeated by Unit One, assisted by Shinji.

    Very powerful Angel, with enough power to blast through 18
    of 21 armor of Geofront, it also has folded sheet metal like
    appendages that it uses to cut/attack in close proximity, it
    nearly destroys NERV base

The Fifteenth Angel:   Arael          Episode 22
    "Angel of Birds"
    Defeated by Rei.

    Another orbital angel, rather then attacking NERV
    base/EVA's, it targets EVA pilots.  It attempts to psy-link
    with Asuka, and as result Asuka gets Psychological Shock

The Sixteenth Angel:   Almisael       Episode 23
    "Angel of the Womb"
    Defeated by Rei.

    First discovered looking like Ring of light, it doesn't have
    definite shape it tries to physically takeover EVA-00 and
    its pilot.

The Seventeenth Angel: Tablis         Episode 24   
    "Angel of Free Will"
    Defeated by Shinji.

    Shinji finds a new friend after just everyone moves away, he
    gets very close to him, later he takes over EVA-02 <in
    remote control> and reaches Terminal Dogma.  He's also known
    as Nagisa Kaworu (Karou, Kaoru), or the Fifth children

The Eighteenth Angel:  Lilim          Episode 1-26   
    Mankind is the 18th Angel called Lilim, born from Lilith,
    the source of life.

1.5) Timeline       

[Some birthdates are estimations; these dates are marked
with question marks]

April 9 1957 

Fuyutsuki Kouzou born

April 29 1967

Rokubungi Gendou born


Kyoko (Asuka's mother) born 


Ikari Yui born

June 17 1984 

Kaji Ryouji born in this period

November 21 1985

Akagi Ritsuko born

December 8 1986

Katsuragi Misato born

February 13 1990?-95?  

Hyuuga Makoto born in this period

May 5 1990?-95? 

Aoba Shigeru born in this period

July 11 1991 

Ibuki Maya born in this period


Fuyutsuki Kouzou teaches Ikari Yui at Kyoko University; meets
Rokubungi Gendou.

[Gendou marries Yui, takes "Ikari" as family name.  Yui and Gendou


September 13 2000- The Second Impact

Experiments in the Antarctic of the "reduction" of a foreign life form
causes the accidental and sudden melting of the Antarctic ice fields.
As a result 2 billion people are killed by the flooding of coastal
regions all over the world.

[Katsuragi Misato only?  survivor of Antarctic base destruction.
Rescued by returning Gendou and Kouzou.]

September 13 2000

Nagisa Kaworu born (Fifth Children) 

September 15 2000

An armed conflict occurs at the border of India-Pakistan.

September 20 2000 

Tokyo annihilated by new type of bomb, the N2.


Feburary 14 2001

"Peace Treaty of Valentine" ends disputes.

Feburary 18 2001

Horaki Hikari born 

June 6 2001

Ikari Shinji born 

September 12 2001

Aida Kensuke born 

December 4 2001 

Soryu Asuka Langley Zeppelin born 

December 26 2001

Suzuhara Touji born 


UN explains Second Impact as a meteorite collision. 


GEHIRN formed to study ramifications and effects of research leading
up to and following Second Impact.  Kouzou, Dr.  Akagi Naoko join
Gehirn.  Gehirn builds research facilities in what is presumably
Tokyo-3(?).  Project E has now started.  The research facilities is a
front for Gehrin and work begins in the Geo Front for what is to be
the future NERV headquarters.  Dr.  Akagi develops MAGI super-computer


Yui lost in Contact Experiment accident.  


Asuka Langley confirmed as Evangelion Pilot.

Kyoko commits suicide after unexplained incident.  Asuka's father remarries.

Katsuragi Misato and Akagi Ritsuko meet in Tokyo-2 at the cafeteria in
Tokyo-2 University.  Shortly after, Misato and Kaji meet and she
cohabits with him.

[Ikari Shinji fostered out by his father.] 


UN Headquarters moves to Tokyo-2. 


Dr.  Akagi finishes programming the logic processes for MAGI.  Ritsuko
joins Gehrin.


Misato and Kaji join Gehirn.  


Rei Ayanami introduced.  

Dr.  Akagi commits suicide after completion of Magi project.  Gehirn
dissolved, NERV created to continue Gehirn's work, with new charter.


[The last meeting between Ikari Shinji and Ikari Gendou prior to
current events.]


Asuka graduates from university.

[Rei and Asuka trained as Evangelion pilots; Rei takes seven months to
be fully synchronised.]


[The present day; current events as outlined 1-24]

[The 2015/6 Timeline Project] 

Day a		- Start of episode 1.
Day b           - Start of episode 3.
Day c           - Not used.
Day d           - Start of episode 5.
Day e		- Start of episode 7.
Day f		- Episode 8, when the gang lands on the "Over the

x		- Used to indicate unknowness. x is undefined, even in 
		  an expression. (x+x != 2*x (actually, the truth
                  value of this is undefined).
i[n]		- The value of i[n] is an unknow constant. So, 
		  i[1] == i[1] is always true.

Day a-1
Day d-22	- Rei's accident occurs.
    Most probably, Rei's accident occurs one day before the
    start of the series.

Jun  6, 2015	- The earliest possible date for day a. Shinji turns
                  14 on this day, and Shinji is introduced in several
                  places as a fourteen year old. 
                  ***find some places***

Day a.		- Episode 1 occurs.
		- Episode 2 begins.
    2a. Shinji seems to be out for a night, waking up the next day. 
    2b. On a+1, Gendou mentions that Rei will be able to pilot the 
	evangelion again in 20 days.  

Day a+1.	- Episode 2 ends.

Day a+9.	- The earliest possible date of day b. (see 3a.)

Day b.		- Episode 3 begins.

    3a. Misato claims that the angels gave them "only three weeks"
        between attacks, this time. 9 days is the shortest one could
        have and still claim to be "three weeks."

Day b.		- Episode 3 ends.

Day a+13.	- The latest possible date of day b. (see 3a, 4a, 4b.)

Day b+5.	- Episode 4 begins.

    4a. Misato claims that Shinji has missed 5 days of school. She
	strongly implies that the events of episode 3 are the cause of 
    4b. Shinji sleeps overnight in Kensuke's tent. (Bringing us to day

Day b+6.	- Episode 4 ends. 

Day a+20.
Day d+1.	- Episode 5 begins.
    5a. Rei's accident occured 22 days ago. 
    5b. One day passes before Rei's piloting test. (Shinji, Ritsuko,
	and Misato eat, Ritsuko gives Shinji the card. It seems that 
	Shinji gives Rei the card the next day.) (This is d+1, or a+21)

Day a+21.
Day d+1.	- Episode 5 ends.
		- Episode 6 begins. 

    6a. Operation Yashima begins at midnight, meaning it occurs on
	day d+2 (a+22).

Day a+22.
Day d+2.	- Episode 6 ends.

Day e.		- Episode 7 begins.

    7a. On the first day, Misato visits Shinji's school.
    7b. On the second day (e+1), Misato and Shinji stop the JA.
    7c. On the third day (e+2), Misato and Shinji eat breakfast.

Day e+2.	- Episode 7 ends.

Day f-i[0]-1.	- Unit 02 leaves Sasebo port. (see 8a.) 
Day f-i[0].	- Episode 8 begins.

    8a. Gendou mentions Unit 02 leaving Sasebo "yesterday."
    8b. When the convoy is less than one day out, the gang
        choppers onto it. (Day f.)

Day f.		- Episode 8 ends.

Aug  5, 2015	- Episode 9 begins.

    9a. Nerv predicts the next attack will occur "6 days
        later." Since that's Aug 11, the first attack must be on
        Aug 5. (Derived from 9b.)
    9b. Misato marks Aug 11, 2015 on the calender. Camera then
        pans to Aug 8, which I assume to be the current day, and also
        the day after the angel attack. (As a side note, the calender
        they are using isn't correct for 2015. It's either 2017, or 
        more likely 1995.)
    9c. Aug 11 is the day that was marked, so I assume it the day
        of the second battle.

Aug 11, 2015	- Episode 9 ends.

[Events as portrayed by Death & Rebirth and End of Evangelion] 

2016 (TV)

[The Human Complementation Project is executed]

1.6) Religious glossary

The definitions given here are references outside the TV series and
motion pictures, and do not define them within them.

1.6.1) What is the tree-like image seen in the opening credits?

This is the Sephirotic System, devised by Athanasius Kirchner in 1653.
A German priest, he studied the Kabbalah, a tome of Jewish mysticism,
and created the diagram.

The Kabbalah appears to an influence in the conception of Evangelion.
Meaning "tradition" in Hebrew, the Kabbalah is claimed to be the word
of God, handed down to Adam and Moses, reveals the framework of God
and the Creation (the Sephirotic System.)

1.6.2) What are the Dead Sea Scrolls? 

The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered by a shepherd in a cave in
Israel, about 1947.  They appear to be the earliest records of Jewish
scripture.  They were kept secret by the Jordanian and Israeli
governments until about twenty years ago, when photographs of the
scrolls were leaked.  Now all the scrolls have been studied and
translated and published in an English edition.

Reasons why the scrolls were kept secret vary, but a likely
explanation is that the scrolls' contents, written by a Jewish sect
after the time of Jesus Christ, may have conflicted with sections of
the New Testament.

The following text is contributed by Charles King:

The Dead Sea Scrolls were the product of a small Jewish sect living
near the village of Qumran on the western shore of the Dead Sea around
the time of Christ. The Scrolls were first discovered by a shepherd in 1947,
but additional scrolls continued to be unearthed for the next ten years.
As the area came under the control of Jordan after the Israeli war of 
independence, the scrolls came to be concentrated in the Jordanian
Archaeological Museum, where the task of editing them was given to
a group of scholars known as the International Team, led by de Vaux.
Although publication  of the scrolls began in the 1950s, its progress was 
extremely slow, largely because of the magnitude of the task and lack
of funds. At the same time, some editors made unfounded speculations 
concerning the implications of the scrolls for Christianity, based on the 
inaccurate assumption that the Qumran sect was related to the early
Christian church. 

After the six-day war of 1967, the scrolls fell into the hands of the Israeli
authorities, who maintianed the status quo with regard to control of the
texts. By 1990, matters had reached a head, with many interantional
scholars demanding full publications of the scrolls. After a couple of
scholars released a partial reconstruction based on a concordance, the 
Huntingdon library of San Marino, California released a set of microfilms
it had which had been deposited in the library back in the 1950s. Soon
afterwards further photographs appeared from an anonymous source,
and finally, in 1991, the Israeli government released a full set 
of high-quality photographs. 

Although there may still be a few very minor fragments left untranslated,
the vast bulk of the scrolls is available in English translation in various
Text by Charles King <king at axon.rutgers.edu>

1.6.3) What does NERV mean?

"Nerv" is German for "nerve".

1.6.4) Where did the motto for NERV come from?

"God's in his Heaven, All's well with the world" is taken from a poem by
Robert Browning (1812-89), "Pippa Passes", Part 1 1.222.

1.6.5) What does "Seele" mean?

"Seele" is German for "soul"

1.6.6) What does "Gehirn" mean?

"Gehirn" is German for "brain" 

1.6.7) Who are the Magi? 

The Magi are the so-called three wise men from the East, who came to
worship the baby Jesus in Bethlehem, following a star that pointed to
the place where they could find him.  (Matthew 2.1-12)  Folklore names
the three wise men as Balthasar, Casper and Melchior.

In addition, the Magi also held a high advisory position to the Persian
Emperor, during the reign of Cyrus and Cambyses.  

1.6.8) What is the Spear of Longinus? (was 5.6)

This is the spear that pierced the side of Christ at the Crucifixion,
the wound from which blood and water poured out.  Folklore names the
soldier that wielded the spear as Longinus.

Like the Holy Grail, the Spear is fabled to wield magical powers, such
as the ability to grant victory to anyone who holds it.  An Arthurian
legend tells about the quest of one of Arthur's knights to find the
Spear.  It is said that Adolf Hitler was interested in the legend of
the Spear (which was held in a museum in Austria.)

1.6.9) Who is Adam, Eve and Lillith? 

Adam (man) was the final creation of God, "in his image".  Eve (woman)
was created to be a companion to Adam, from a piece of Adam's rib.
Lillith, according to Jewish folklore, was the first companion of
Adam, but would not obey him, and was exiled from the Garden of Eden
("East of Eden").  She apparently became the wife of Cain (son of
Adam, who killed his brother, Abel), and gave birth to demons.

The following text is excepted from the Encyclopaedia

        "LILITH, lil'lith, a female demon with origins in
        Babylonian, Jewish, and Muslim folklore.  In one
        tradition she was the first wife of Adam, with
        whom she claimed equality because they were
        created together.  She refused to serve Adam and
        was expelled from Eden before God created Eve."

       "Lilith was believed to be the queen of demons
        and Satan's consort.  From her unions with [Satan],
        or, in other accounts, with Adam, evil spirits
        were born . . . In the guise of a beautiful woman
        she had intercourse with men and gave birth to demons."

The following text is supplied by <Johnfav at aol.com> 

Recently I came across Lilith:- the "Black Moon" in my research, I'd
like to bring it up.  Interestingly, we can see that Anno only used
what he found from various historical records or knowledge for his
creation of EVA world, which also proves that, for instance,
Evangelion cannot interpret too much by following one direction or
approach such as religions- the quite common approach for viewers to
define or explain various things in Evangelion.

Now this is what I've found:-

Lilith, the "black moon", may well be a fiction.  It has, after all,
only been seen by a few observers and that was in 1618 and 1700.  In
his Astrologie lunaire, Alexandre Volguine, the founder of the Cahiers
astrologiques, studied the influence of Lilith, the "black moon",
second satellite of the Earth.  Certain astrologers put the occurence
of the First World War down to its influence.

>From this, it is not hard to see that, Anno quite surely did came
across the "Black Moon" and the mystical name "Lilith" was used in
here.  Then Anno delibrately called that white giant in terminal dogma
"Lilith", and area surrounded it is called "Black Moon", which is the
egg of Lilith.  based on this assumption, Anno can be said that he was
inspired by this piece of astrological fact, and coincidently, he also
knew that the name "Lilith" is also a mystical being dated back the
time of Genesis, the first wife of Adam and later exiled from Eden.
So that, with all this background and cross-over of "Lilith", which
forms a fundamental infra-structure for the background of NGE.

Again, Lilith:- the Black Moon, and Lilith:- the first wife of Adam,
are two separate, independent, unrelated sources.

1.6.10) What is the seven eyed logo?

It is apparently the "seven eyes of God."

In Revelations, Chapter 5, Verse 6:

And I saw, standing midway between the throne and the four living
beings and among the elders, a Lamb as if it had been sacrificed.  It
had seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God
dispatched over the whole earth.

(version from the Bible, Gideons edition, published 1976.)

1.6.11) What is Marduk? 

Marduk is a Babylonian god.  According to Babylonian legend, the first
human being was created by mixing Marduk's blood with clay.

The following text is supplied by Stefano Brondi <bab at bab.net>

Marduk is the son of Apsu and Tiamat, the two primordial beings on the
Babylonian legend.  Apsu was the water and void spirit, and Tiamat the
sea and chaos spirit, with the shape of a dragon's shape.

Marduk became the champion of all Gods born by the primordial beings
after Apsu was killed by one of Marduk's evil brothers.  This caused
Tiamat to go crazy.  The enormous dragon started to generate scorpion
men, demoniac lions, enormous serpents and shining dragons.

To stop her, Marduk took with him a net, a clave, poison (fiala), a
bow, arrows and a bag of lightning bolts.  He used a chariot pulled by
four horses and followed the four winds and a strong tornado.

He captured Tiamat and he cut out her heart and decapitated her.  He
cut her veins and he divided her body in two parts.  From one of these
parts he moulded the sky and from the other he moulded the earth.  In
the sky Marduk raised a shelter for the Gods, and installed the moon
and all stars as guardians of time.  With one of Tiamat son's blood he
made human beings to serve Gods.

EVA FAQ ver.
Written by Stephen Lee.
Edited by Widya Santoso.
Last revised March 5, 1999.

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