[EVA] problem of perfection (was

Christopher Michael Bourke cbourke1 at bigred.unl.edu
Mon Apr 5 23:20:00 EDT 1999

>> "...in fact, god cannot even be said to exist, for this would place a
>> limitation on god"
>>            -san francisco chruch of gnosticism , Friday lecture series,
>> paraphrased
>Ooo, thats good, I like that.
>Some philosophers have tried to say that you cannot tell what god is, only
>what god is not. Nice in theory, but and that to would place a boundary on
>the concept of infinite. So we could say that in Eva, they were not trying

Placing a bound on an infinite is not a contradiction, which is what I think
your implying.  For example, in math we can place a bound on something, ie
x<10 but the space can still be considered infinite because x is not closed,
ie x<=10;  For a finite space we must have closure and boundaries, otherwise
it is infinite.

>to move to a perfect state, they were trying to evolve to a more perfect
>state, for in the case of evolution, it's work is never done, a line
>reaching to eternity. If I remember correctly I think they stated in the
>series that they were trying to evolve humanity past it's current dead end.

I've always liked this quandry--I think it represents SEELE's and Gendou's
arrogance, thinking that humanity had reached a plateau in its evolution;
one of the best quotes is from the director of the patent office in the 19th
century, something to the effect that "all that can be invented has been
invented"--arrogance and ignorance of the future lend themselves to
proclaimations that are easily disproven simply with time.

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