[EVA] problem of perfection (was

David Smith dsmith at datasync.com
Tue Apr 6 00:05:44 EDT 1999

>>> "...in fact, god cannot even be said to exist, for this would place a
>>> limitation on god"
>>>            -san francisco chruch of gnosticism , Friday lecture series,
>>> paraphrased
>>Ooo, thats good, I like that.
>>Some philosophers have tried to say that you cannot tell what god is, only
>>what god is not. Nice in theory, but and that to would place a boundary on
>>the concept of infinite. So we could say that in Eva, they were not trying

> Placing a bound on an infinite is not a contradiction, which is what I
> think
> your implying.  For example, in math we can place a bound on something, ie
> x<10 but the space can still be considered infinite because x is not
> closed,
> ie x<=10;  For a finite space we must have closure and boundaries,
> otherwise
> it is infinite.

And actually, you can have infinity defined in a finite space with closure and
boundaries. Ref: fractal borders.  Infinitely long, enclosing a measurably
finite space.  Of course, then your problem becomes one of defining exactly
where the boundary is. :)  Which creates interesting repercussions to the
philosophy espoused in the final episode, about ultimate freedom being in a
world with no restrictions, when in fact there are many ways to show infinite
or near infinite possibilities even within the boundaries of limitations.  If
you slice a single plane out of an infinitely large cube, you may have lost
almost the entirety of infinity, but what you have left is still infinite.
But since that's only theoretical, it probably doesn't matter.


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