[EVA][spoilers] First reactions to The End of Evangelion

Ian Forrest ikforrest at webtv.net
Wed Apr 7 05:06:39 EDT 1999

>But this is Shinji, the "center" of the

  If Shinji is the "center" of the complementation, how can he exist
outside of it?

> Can you really theorize about him?

  Yes, I can. (^_^)

> I mean, his case was *special.*

  But he was still taken into the "guntai" just like everyone else.
Otherwise he would not have been in contact with the "guntai" [communal

> You make a theory about a special case,
>and it won't necessarily be true for the
>rest of humanity.

  He is only special in that he was given the ablity to chose the future
of humanity. He did not exist outside of it.
>And where do we see this? 

  Lilith's whole head pops off! Her body* falls apart! What more do you
need? (*the body of the complementation as well as the future body of
the "tantai") 

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