[EVA][spoilers] First reactions to The End of Evangelion

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On Wed, 07 Apr 1999 23:13:13 PDT, "Seventh Messenger" <nanashi96 at hotmail.com> said:

>>> We *see* Shinji lose his AT-field in EoE.<<
> The scene where there was Shinji's face rippling like water? Do you *know* that was him losing his AT-field?

Pretty damn sure that's the implication.  And it doesn't just ripple,
it blurs and dissolves.  The dialogue right there is:

Shigeru    Solenoid graph inverted! Ego boundary is weakening!
Makoto     AT Field is now pattern Red!

The solenoid graphs previously inverted when the Eva Series released
an Anti-AT Field, and the ego boundary is pretty much synonymous with
AT Field.

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