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FYI: With all due respect to Andy Tsai, the original Japanese for the
passage you and Ian are arguing 'does' contain the pronoun for you
(jibun). ["jibun no" = "your own"]
( I have read Yoshiyuki Sato's script, and while there are some minor
mistakes and some style problems, it is quite good - good enough that if
I had found this script first, I might not have translated my script.
Anyway, the original Japanese together with my translation (from my
script on Brendan's page :) is as follows:

Ayanami... koko wa?
(Ayanami... where are we?)

Koko wa LCL no umi... Seimei no minamoto no umi no naka.
(This is the sea of LCL... The primordial soup of life.)
A.T. fiirudo wo ushinatta, *jibun no* katachi wo ushinatta sekai.
(A world without AT Fields... without *your own* shape.)
Doko made ga jibun de, doko kara ga tanin na no ka wakaranai aimai na
(An ambiguous world where it is impossible to tell where you end and
other people start.)
Doko made mo jibun de, doko ni mo jibun ga inakunatteiru zeijaku na
(A fragile world where you exist everywhere, and thus exist nowhere.)

Boku wa shinda ka?
(Have I died?)

Iie. Subete ga hitotsu ni natteiru dake.
(No, everything has just been joined into one.)
Kore ga anata no nozonda sekai... sono mono yo.
(This is the world you have been hoping for... your world.)

Shinji (releasing Misato's cross from his left hand):
(Demo... chigau. Ima wa chigau to omou.
(But... this isn't right.  I don't think this is right.)

Tanin no sonzai wo ima ichido nozomeba, futatabi kokoro no kabe ga,
subete no hitobito wo hikihanasu wa. Mata, tanin no kyoufu ga hajimaru
no yo.
(If you wish once more for the existence of others, the barriers of the
heart will separate everyone once more... And the fear of other people
will begin again.)

Ii n(o) da... Arigatou.
(That's all right...  (disengages Rei from him and clasps her hand) 
Thank you.)

Other than this one point, I agree with most of your posts. Good luck!


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