[EVA] Another silly speculation [23 spoiler]

David Smith dsmith at datasync.com
Sat Apr 10 11:49:22 EDT 1999

  Was just thinking about when Rei II died (probably) in the
self-destruct of her Eva, and how the last thing she saw was
an image of a young Gendo.  That vaguely reminded me of how the
final images Shinji sees after his little tete a tetes with
Eva 01 seem to be his mother.  Sooo... what if the soul of
Unit 00 were Gendo?  Asuka's mom lost her sanity, maybe Gendo
lost his humanity, and he went from just being a bit of a jerk
to being a complete SOB.  I know, I know, stupid idea, lots
of things wrong with it, but still rather amusing :)


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