[EVA] Ritsu's shapely rear

Ian Forrest ikforrest at webtv.net
Sun Apr 11 04:55:55 EDT 1999

>What I don't understand was why
>Ritsuko chose to show her secrets to
>Shinji and not Misato, her friend. Was it
>a mere convenience that Shinji was
>home at the moment or did she do it to
>spite Shinji (because Shinji is, after all,
>Gendou's son). I don't understand what
>she would achieve from this though,
>because Shinji hates his father as well.

  Maybe she planned on killing Shinji too, after she killed the Rei
clones. He is Genou's son, and Rituko at this point hates Gendou enought
to kill. By killing Shinji she would have also hurt Gendou's plans to
reunite with Yui (there would have been no one capable of piloting Unit
01). She may have planned on killing the Rei clones, Shinji and herself.
Like mother, like daughter. +_+

  When Misato showed up she may have saved Shinji's life.   

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