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>> Strange. I could have *sworn* I saw a
>>contradiction in there somewhere.
>  I didn't. A person's "form" is their body which is not the same as
>their soul. In Evangelion people lose their "forms"[bodies] but keep
>their individuality because of their souls. Almost every religion on
>earth says that body and soul are not the same thing. 

Ummm... that's not a bad conception... if you think the tantai and the
fall of AT Field bring to the union of the physical individuals,
leaving to the souls a relative individuality, the thing seem work
without the contrast Seventh/Ian... don't think so?

I mean: in a tantai intended in this sense, where the communal form is
determined by the change of bodys in LCL for sure there will be no "I"
and no "self"... on other hand the single person can decide to return
to his old form, and leave the tantai... it's a quite good compromise.

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Byz! ;-)
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