[EVA] Japanese scripts

Ernest_Ng at proctors.com.au Ernest_Ng at proctors.com.au
Tue Apr 13 19:04:55 EDT 1999

Wismerhill wrote:
>I'm looking for the japanese script of Eva (TV and film), possibly in
>roomaji, to follow the dialogues in the anime... anybody can help me?

I haven't looked for any on the web, but I'm not sure there are any.  Your
best bet may be to get the Evangelion Original set of books which sets out
the original scripts for the TV series (don't know of any for the films) -
later changes to the script are set out in footnotes.  But I doubt the
books would be in romanji.

>From the Literal Translation Project site, the ISBNs are:
EVANGELION ORIGINAL I  : ISBN 4-8291-7321-1 C0076 P980E (epsiodes 1 - 9)
EVANGELION ORIGINAL II : ISBN 4-8291-7322-X C0076 P980E (episodes 10- 18)
EVANGELION ORIGINAL III: ISBN 4-8291-7323-8 C0076 P980E (episodes 19- 26)

Hope this helps.

Widya, I don't think these books are listed on the Merchandising FAQ.


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