Fansubs of revised episodes 20-24, was Re: [EVA] ADV NGE DVD

Ernest_Ng at Ernest_Ng at
Tue Apr 13 19:12:52 EDT 1999

Timothy Mayville wrote:
>Also, I remember a while back (ok maybe not too long ago) there was talk
>someone doing fansubs of the revised episodes (20/22-26?).
>I was wondering how far along those were and if there was a place I could
>(eg website) to check on the status.
>>From what I've heard I'm missing out on stuff if I don't see them so I'd
>to order them when they come out and check what I'm missing.

I've heard of at least one set of fansubs having been completed for revised
episodes 20-24 (I didn't think episodes 25 & 26 were revised).  But I doubt
such fansubs are going to be openly distributed since they may breach ADV
Films' copyright of the original episodes 20-24.

For the same reason, requesting or offering fansubs of the revised episodes
may be contrary to the rules of this ML.


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