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>> Mind at this: episode 1&2 are very tied. Episode 3&4 describe the
>>emotional disease felt by Shinji. If in one video you
>> regroup the first three episode, you leave a open chapter.
>True enough, but for the people who see NGE for the first time, episode >4
is usually pretty boring, so leaving them on that episode resulted in >many

Really? Where you to watch Eva for the first time now, would you be bored by
that episode? I found it one of the most interesting at the time, and I
hadn't seen (or heard or read) a iota of it. I didn't even notice there
weren't fights (I wasn't expecting none anyway), I was caught trying o
figure out how could Misato and Shinji come to understand each other. This
particular episode is direct consequence of the previous and some of it's
elements are the same: disobedience, misunderstanding, the hedgehog dilemma.
Episode 3 ends with a fade, unlike eps 1 & 2, because (IMO) it is a
preparation for the concepts that will be shown in ep 4. Episodes are mostly
grouped in chapters, the intro chapter is gen 0:1, the Shinji+Misato
relationship chapter is 0:2, Shinji+Rei is 0:3, Misato's absurd plans
chapter is 0:4, Shinji aqnd Asuka's is 0:5 and so on...

>Well, no matter the relevance of the tapes' division, it can't be worse
>the french TV release, horribly dubbed AND with a single weekly episode.

The single ep a week is the way they saw it in Japan, though it wasn't
horribly dubbed at all. ^_^ Besides, Briareos' complain about our dub is
quite his personal opinion, I can only agree that until now (as of tape 0:5)
I find that the VA for Rei doesn't fit her, though she's had really little
to say and she's been approved by Gainax. Otherwise, except for Shinji
sounding a little older than he should and Misato's whoops being somewhat
muffled, all the other VAs are doing a great job.
While we're talking about European TV releases, Id like to ask something.
A while back I remember a Spanish member who announced that, IIRC, Canal 33
aired Eva in the evening, if the man is still a member I'd like to hear his
impressions on that version.

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