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>>>>>Gendo clearly says "merge all souls into one" to Rei.
>>>Which was the goal of complementation. There's no reason to believe 
>it was reached.
>-> Didn't say it was. I was merely responding to the "souls would remain
>individual in HCP" idea.

Alright... and i was wrong...

>>>"Intended".....clearly nether Gendou or Seele have what they intended
>to happen occur.
>-> Again, didn't say it occurred. (merely responding "souls remain
>individual in HCP" idea)

...again ^^;

>4) From the above, while HCP involves loss of A.T.Field/physical form,
>and failure of HCP means the potential restoration of A.T.Field/physical
>form, HCP is more than merely loss of A.T. Field/physical form.

I try another way... 
3^ impact begin, and every body is changed in LCL. But HCP failed (for
Shinji or not, it's not important), so, suppose that in this status,
bodies yet are merged in LCL, but souls are not completely merged in
Lilith...  individuality still exist, tantai is not completed and
anyone can return... 

Obviously, if you said that the bodychange in LCL the loss of AT Field
and the join of every soul must be simultaneous, every conjeptures
falls ^_^;

That's just an idea ^__^;

Byz! ;-)
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