[EVA] Another silly speculation [23 spoiler]

Briareos Kerensky darkwolf at tin.it
Wed Apr 14 22:04:33 EDT 1999

Wismerhill wrote:

>I said probably... not sure... it's sure an Eva must have a soul
>inself to work? Yui was the very first pilot of 01, and reached a 400%
>synchronization ratio (so, i think she was able to pilot the Eva)...
>Eva MPM haven't a soul into (the Dummy system is a copy of the path
>(?) of Kaworu, isn't possible to digitalize a soul) but works well...l

I'm not sure that the 00 had a soul inself, it's a theory...another theory 
is that an Eva need a soul to work...maybe the MPMs work because Kaworu was 
an Angel, and his Dummy copied his Angel nature, like Rei and the 00...BTW, 
can the MPMs be piloted by someone?. They have an "acces pannel" (if it has 
a name, it's escaping from me), or something similar, at the base of the 
neck, shaped like a piramid. What do you think about that?

Briareos out.

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