[EVA] Regarding AT Field (EOE spoiler)

Johnfav at aol.com Johnfav at aol.com
Thu Apr 15 20:52:11 EDT 1999

Regarding the recent "white heat" discussion on whether Shinji did/didn't 
lose his AT- Field during HCP in EOE, I came up with an idea that, isn't 
Shinji can be the exceptional one, since he is on board of Eva-01?

OK, just make this clear. I strongly believe that Shinji is just an ordinary 
human being as the others, therefore, he is not anything "special".

But since Eva-01 was built, partly or mainly to fulfill the prophecy in DSS, 
Eva-01 took up the role of "Noah's Ark" in the "flooding" of the sea of LCL. 
So the point is, to those whoever inside Eva-01 at that time, whether he will 
lost his/her AT field during HCP, is quite controversial. I am not gonna to 
refer the bible, but you got the idea that, the ark is very much meant to be 
safe beyond the flood towards a new world (Evolution?)

Also, based on the fact that Yui's soul was inside Eva-01, very likely, she 
could protect her son:- Shinji, from losing AT- Field whatsoever from the 
AT-Field she can generate.  I mean, even Rei/Lilith did not (can not) get 
Shinji out from Eva-01, as the whole Eva-01 go inside Lilith instead. So, 
only spiritually, Lilith can in touch with Shinji, but physically......this 
will remains open for discussion.

Shinji was chosen by Rei/Lilith/Destiny to make decisions for mankind, maybe, 
only maybe, no matter whoever on board on Eva-01, will have this chance 
granted. So only this time, just happen to be that good old lucky Shinji!

To conclude my thoughts, perhaps Eva-01 is the key factor, and really 
essential to introduce into the discussion on "Does Eva-01 pilot lose the AT 
Field or not during HCP" issue.

I know my idea is not strongly supported, do excuse me, maybe I will comes up 
with a counter theory to this, after some deep and serious second thoughts, 
only tonite, I was a bit nagged...^_^;; 

My last word, I am not side for anyone's theory here, I just brought up the 
possibility that, there is room for argument perhaps before reaching the 
definite answer.

Adam II

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