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>Why did Kaji think that Lilith was Adam when he was the one who had brought
>Adam's embryo to NERV?

As we have seen, angels have a knack for metamorphoses, and we've witnessed
a rapid growth from an embryonic state in episode 10. Moreover, he's not
supposed to know why exactly Adam is needed nor the existance of Lilith.
Therefore, if he hacks the Magi and finds what information has been put as a
bait for him, and this is probably that the giant thing down there is Adam,
he will believe so. Gendou is very good at leading others to think what he
wants them to, he's been doing so since the beginning.

>   If Evas are made somehow from Adam or Lilith, then how can they be
>'human' as stated in episode 23, "Tear"? Or does that just mean human in
>the way that they have human souls but are not physically human under their
>bindings, instead they are of the same matter as Angels?

There is a spoiler warning here. Evas, angels and humans have a common
origin in Adam and Lilith. This is discovered in EoE.

>   Is Rei part angel? In "The Final Messenger" she seemed to have her own
>AT Field. This could explain why she important to instrumentality. Spoilers
>welcome here.

Rei is cloned from Yui, Shinji's mother, and has the soul of Lilith in her,
so she is, depending on how you like to see it, a human, an angel, Lilith,
part of Lilith, or all of these.

>    I have read on the Internet that 2nd Impact occurred when the Lance
>(which I still don't know about - what is it, where is it from) came into
>contact with Adam - how in hell are you supposed to know that from watching
>the TV series? I watched it twice and wouldn't have known that.

You aren't. It's something you find out in Death.

>   Is instrumentality Third Impact? And if so, why is it called so? As far
>as I knew, instrumentality has never occurred before. Second Impact was
>only an explosion, wasn't it? As was First.

TI is the mean to achieve instrumentality. Instrumentality follows Third
Impact as this ensures the conditions for it to happen. Yes, Second Impact
was just an explosion where Adam and the Lance where involved. And in TI
both Adam and Lilith are involved. First Impact is the supposed impact of a
meteorite with Earth, and it happened a looong time ago. No relationship is
established between this and the following two, so one can ignore it or
speculate on one's own.

>   Why would 3rd occur if an Angel comes into contact with Adam?

Apparently Angels seek Adam as a way to reunite with their origin and do the
quantum leap in their evolution, and apparently we too do.

>   When did Lilith come into things, and how did all the Evas begin - if
>grown from Adam, then how could they be if he exploded and if, as Ritsuko
>says,  "the God that man found was lost" - if only Unit 01 is grown from
>Lilith, then how does that make it so special and capable of Third Impact?

[SPOILERS]Being she and Adam the ource of all life, she came into things at
the Beginnig (capital B intended). Adam didn't explode, the explosion was
the result of his shrinking during the experiments in South Pole that led to
2nd Impact. He wasn't available anymore as a "God" but still ws a good
sample. Being directly grown from Lilith (along with Yui's soul and many
other things) makes Unit 01 part of what is in control of Instrumentality
(it has a role in Third Impact but not one of control). Only Adam and
Lilith together can do that, so you take bits of both and make yourself a
control device for Instrumentality.

>   Why couldn't the other Evas do that if they are grown from Adam? How
>could they be grown from Adam if humanity only just revived him in an
> embryo form? Or was the first Eva grown from him before he exploded?
>   How is anyone ever going to find time to answer all these questions?

About the last question, probably throwing out the window my exams^_^. About
the first and following ones, just as Lilith isn't enough to get TI, neither
is Adam. But Lilith is sort of more familiar with us. [SPOILERS]. We are the
Lilim because Lilith is our 'mother'. Adam is for the angels what Lilith is
for us. Moreover, Adam is also the first human and the first angel at the
same time. So one can guess that Adam came in existance before both Lilim
and other angels, and probably from Lilith (why would he be a human
otherwise?). So control of Instrumentality would be easier if it was done
with a device that is mainly made from Lilith since if it was from Adam it'd
be more familiar with angels, who are our adversdaries.[end SPOILERS] Adam
being an embryo doesn't mean one can't take 'cells' from him to study and
replicate. Project Eva is something that Yui starts after 2nd Impact to
bring a brighter future to humanity, while Seele does to reach Godhood.

>   If anyone can explain the answers with detail and logical reasoning, I
>would be most thankful, and will not bother the list again.

This is what detail I thought wouldn't be too spoiling in case you decided
to watch the movies. Why wouldn't you 'bother' the list anymore? It's from
questions that we return over assumed matters and find potential new ways of
looking at them.

> Please make
>your replies as long as you want if you have time, and if everyone on the
>list already knows the answers, I would be happy for you to send it to my
>own email address.

If anybody else has your questions, it'd be better for them to read answers
on this reply. However, I will disclaim here that what I wrote is partly
what is in Eva, the series and the movies, and what conclusions came out of
discussion in this ML, in the way I percieved them. So if anybody feels like
correcting me please don't do it flaming.

>   And BTW, Rei rules.

More than you can imagine...

>Alternatively, anyone know the address of a site that shamelessly spoils
>all the myriad of mysteries? (not including movie info.)

None that is 100% reliable (sorry Brendan and the others with an In-deep
site, I just can't say I agree with all that you say ^_^).

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