R: [EVA] An Angel's Purpose? [EoE spoilers]

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Mon Apr 19 12:26:15 EDT 1999

>uhm... I have a theory...  (ack, run hide, the newbie has a theory!

(takes a previously ripped ML-newbie's face and starts chewing it) Come on,


>   But first a question that could blow my theory out of the water:
>Why does 'Eva canon' tell us that each Angel is incapable (or
>unwilling) to communicate with other Angels?

Hmmm...because it justifies the dumbest tactical strategy of all times, that
is, attacks conducted by a single soldier, as it is tradition in Robotic

>Suppose the Dead Sea Scrolls are a sort of battle plan,
> This power only has 15 goes at this.  And the angels knowlege is
accessible to
>this higher power, and no-one else.

Seventeen, not fifteen.

>     Now, _why_ the adam 'foetus' wasn't attacked beforehand, I don't

Because it wasn't the proper time?

>Sandalphon - this was a snafu for the Angels.  Wasn't supposed to be
>found before it 'hatched' so it's purpose is unclear

Or maybe that's just what they wanted to happen. Or else, since Nerv and
Seele do have some knowledge of SDSS, it was their time to make a preemptive
attack. Ok, it's unclear, and personal hypotheses are required.

>Sahaquiel - The higher power decided to bugger it, and attempt to blow
>up everything.  If it couldn't have it, no-one could. ^_^;

Possible, but also Adam may have been considered capable to survive the

>Tabris - Play on what is known about the Pilot of Unit 01 (Leliel's
>experience), invade terminal dogma (Ireul the sleeper agent opens all
>the doors)  merge with... Ad..am... (oops.)

His only problem is that being the Angel of Free Will and a generally loving
people, he can decide what his destiny is, and he decides to take a behavior
that favors Shinji's kind. This is what concludes (almost) the Angels'
rampage. They failed to have their advancement, and if the 18th angel
doesn't succeed in stopping Lilims and get Adam again (that is, if humans
don't succeed in stealing Adam from Nerv before they use it with Lilith and
all the other stuff), then there will be room for an alternative plan that
follows the events that are the the result of manipulation of the previous
plan (Tabris' interference) and Human Intrumentality will take place as a
result of this alternative plan. It's a four-hands made plan. Seele counted
on the completion of the original one, and tried to bend the alternative one
to their purposes. Gendou counted directly on the alternative one, his own,
and the only difference was going to be who'd be in charge. Neither imagined
that the key of the plan would have decided on her own who to give control,
and this serves them right for being arrogant.

>Okay, whaddaya think?
>I haven't seend EoE yet, so please, be kind to this newbie.  ^_^

Did I put the EoE spoilers tag? Ah, yes. Well, be aware that part of what's
in here is ML speculation _and_ *my* speculation.

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