[EVA][META] Future of the list was: Times past and present

Billy Ting ancintpc at flash.net
Mon Apr 19 22:30:57 EDT 1999

On 4/19/99 at 4:59 PM ikforrest at webtv.net wrote:

>  I have to wonder if the list is dying given the lack of enthusiasm of
>list members. There are very few new threads these days and those that
>spark interest seem to deteriorate into to flame wars. Of the 600+
>members only a few seem to send messages regularly. Since there will be
>no more EVA, the only things to discuss are subjects that have been
>talked about hundreds of times before.

I've been on this list for about half a year now, maybe a little more but
it doesn't matter.  Despite my obsession with Eva, it's hard to post an
opinion that hasn't been either argued or voiced before.  Besides, the list
is generally driven by George Chen, SeventhMessenger, oska archer, brendan
jamieson, EBJ, Ketheres Elyion, and some of the other members who regularly
post stuff.  Also, the series has ended with no doubt that there will not
be another movie or continuation series with the exception of the revised
episodes and possibly Eva coming out on DVD.

> I have, in the past, thought about unsubscribing from the list. What
>kept me from doing so was the hope that things would get better at some
>point in the future. 
>  So what does everyone think, is the list dying?

Personally, I think so because that the ML is so focused on Eva and Eva
only.  Not that Tom and Asuka haven't done a great job maintaining the ML,
they've managed to do it wonderfully.  Like said  before Eva's dying,
becoming something of the past as people find something new to move onto.
For example the Tenchi Muyo! ML, it's only kept alive by the new movie
Tenchi Muyo in Love 2 and the manga but I can say about 80% of the topics
for the last couple of months have been entirely OT.  However, I'm moving
onto other animes while re-watching Eva again every now and then.

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