Instrumentality [SPOILERS 25 - EoE], was Re: [EVA] help for eva -ignorant

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Tue Apr 20 12:18:13 EDT 1999

Oska Archer wrote:
>>   Is instrumentality Third Impact?
>It is part of the beneficial (human engineered) Third Impact. This is from
>the movies. It is not stated in the TV series ending that Third Impact
>takes place.

Now that I think of it, I'm not entirely certain what the purpose of the
Third Impact was.  But I thought that Third Impact was part of
Instrumentality, not the other way around.  Was the purpose of the Third
Impact to free up the Black Moon so that it could be used in the
Instrumentality process?

>>And if so, why is it called so?
>I think "Instrumentality" as the title of the process refers to it being a
>means for humanity to 'evolve' from our seperated, lonely state into a
>higher, complete form of consciousness. Interestingly enough, this idea is

What was sought to be achieved was Complementation by the Instrumentality
of Man (see TV episode 25).  The Complementation was to be the filling of
the vacuum in our minds to remove anxiety and fear.  This would be done by
removing AT Fields so that people could openly discuss and master their
fears (as is seen in TV episodes 25 & 26 by Misato et al guiding Shinji to
his revelation).   Thus, "Complementation" was to be achieved through the
means or "Instrumentality of (open discussion with) Man".  Hope you can all
understand that - I didn't explain it well.  That's how I see it anyway.


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