[EVA][spoilers?] Souryu Kyouko Zeppelin, what does she look like?

Ian Forrest ikforrest at webtv.net
Tue Apr 20 03:58:33 EDT 1999

  First I would like to thank everyone who replied to the 'future'
thread for restoring my confidence in this ml. ^_^

  Second, I would like to ask if there are any images of Asuka's mother,
Kyouko available anywhere? Besides a blurred "mind image" from EoE, we
never see her. So are there any images of her in any of the artbooks?
What about the film book which came with the EoE LD box set?

  If not is there any Kyouko fan art on the web?

  Thanks for the info.  

******************Ian Forrest*******************
***************Houston, Texas****************

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