[EVA][spoilers?] Souryu Kyouko Zeppelin, what does she look like?

George Chen gchen at community.net
Tue Apr 20 02:34:14 EDT 1999

>>   If not is there any Kyouko fan art on the web?
> There may still be one on Evangelion Works
> http://www.mirai.ne.jp/~len2eri/eva.htm
> For the longest time, the artist used it as a title page.

The exact URL is http://www.mirai.ne.jp/~len2eri/wish/wish.htm

Ms. Eri had since created a few more pieces of Kyouko since August of 97.
You can see one of her original sketches at:


which is no longer available on her own site.

Hay, Ian, are you gonna write a fan fic about Kyouko?


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