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Cain cain at raex.com
Wed Apr 21 13:14:43 EDT 1999

> Yes, third world war is expected to start in July and last about 27 years,
> and one third of the population of the world should be wiped out during
> One doesn't know if this is fairer than SI or not. Anyway, since this is
> the destiny stuff should be left aside, since in Eva it is clearly in the
> hands of mankind. Or perhaps not...

To solve the problem of destiny you have to ask what destiny is. Most people
have a problem with the concept of destiny in general because it makes them
feel as if they have no control over there life. But in reality you have
some control but not all. You can accidentally run into a friend of yours
somewhere you did not expect. think of all the things that had to take place
to place the two of you in the exact place to pass each other with out
planning it. That is something you cannot control, the infinite number of
factors that take place outside of your perception that cause something to
happen in your life. If you would not have say accidentally run a stop light
earlier you would not have run into your friend because you would have been
delayed, etc. that is what I would call destiny, the combined factors of
things you cannot control that effect your life. that really does not fit
the definition of destiny "a predetermined course of events often held to be
an irresistible power or agency". My ideas would be more based on random
events. either way, destiny only takes you so far, you could say, run into
the love of your life somewhere by accident, but if you never talk to the
person and take advantage of the situation that has arisen, then it's not
destiny's fault its your own. So you can really only be in control of you
yourself as an individual, and control your reactions to the outside things
which are beyond your control.

Still, how did the writers of Seele's Dead Sea Scrolls know to predict the
angels? did they make a probable guess of the events based on the
information that they knew of? and how did they have knowledge of these
events? and how much of it was really planned, and how much was just
randomness and things that could not have been predicted?


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