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>> I would think that the Lance of
>> Longinus would most definitely fall into this category of a powerful,
>> not-fully-understood piece of technology.
>this is complete speculation, just some thoughts:
>Though that is a good point, where exactly was the source of the lance.

Gainax didn't explain nothing about this, over that it's the weapon
that killed God (Jesus) and (imho) let 01 able to kill Lilithadam. 

>Someone earlier made note that seele had the lance before using it on Adam
>at the south pole, as someone reminded me in another post 2nd Impact was
>planned by seele as was not a punishment for anything. So if the lance was
>already held by Seele, I could wildly speculate that even though first
>impact has no bearing on the plot of Eva, it also could have been planned by
>humans, and the lance could have been involved. I could also through in the
>thought that maybe this is how Lilith lost her legs to begin with..... ah
>just a thought....

Yes, but this don't say nothing about evolution... and it's really too
much unclear to make suggestion...


Byz! ;-)
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