[EVA] What happens to the world [Spoilers]

brendan jamieson bjamieson at ameritech.net
Fri Apr 23 20:44:51 EDT 1999

Marko Kuo wrote: 
>So, if all of humanity combines in to one massive being 

-> This is never succesful, Shinji aborted HCP in the middle of it.

>where does it go?  

-> The LCL that formed mankind stays on earth, the souls ascend into
space with Eva-01 and the Lance.

>Is it a "living" organism or is it more of a giant concious pool of LCL?

-> Theoretically, yes. But there's no way for me to proove it. Still, it
stands to reason that since the souls are still seperate, humans still
have a seperate consciousness.


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