[EVA] What happens to the world [Spoilers]

HC Rogan oryx at discoverymail.com
Mon Apr 26 02:38:30 EDT 1999

-> When you say 'old', how old?  Like, Kaji old? 2nd Impact old? Or
immediatly before HCP old? Misato, Ritsuko (and maybe Asuka), I agree
that their souls were collected even though HCP had yet to begin. But I
have a real problem if you think all the people who died before HCP can
come back...

Why not?  I mean to start with the whole soul reincarnation itself does not have any logic in it.  Why won't people who have died before HCP can't come back?

-> If you mean the dead NERV and JSSDF personnel, I don't remember their
souls being collected until everyone else's on earth were. 

I meant the souls of other dead people who have buried somewhere on earth.  I was theorising that the souls of people who have died before HCP may lay dormant either in their body or within the black moon.


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