[EVA][eoe spoilers] Adam and his shoulders was: Episode 21 (Spoiler)

Ebj e.barone at flashnet.it
Tue Apr 27 12:03:29 EDT 1999

>   Well, I happen to think that they were more than just 'restraints' but
> also a conduit for the energy of the S2 theory needed to shrink Adam to
> an embryo. The restraints were supposed to both keep him under control
> and help with the S2 shrinking process.

Well, it's a possibility. But what if these pauldrons fell over the embryo
just as he shrunk into that form? "Squish-Ooops!"?

> >Do you have any ideas as to why he
> >would have these restraints on?
>   In order to control him, and to charge him with the energy needed for
> the S2 theory to work.

But then, why would they put them on the Evas too? How could the Evas
operate correctly without one of these, as when they use the Type 21
Positron rifle, or in Unit00's case (oh nevermind, that one never worked
well, when it didn't have them or later).

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