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On Tue, 27 Apr 1999 01:38:06 +0100, "Bansama" <jaa97mc at sheffield.ac.uk> said:

> but then again how many cartoons in the West have had several books
> written on them analysing the problems that the main characters go
> through? (as a side note does anyone know any of the titles to these
> books?)

Well, compare it to something like "Star Trek".  I think that's
probably the same sort of thing with their technical manuals, novel
series, etc.

> (teleprompt / Shinji's mind thing), okay so It was different to the 
> rest of the episodes... in the fact that it wasn't in the real *eva* 
> world. Yet it seems to work, we know that something major has 
> happended (HCP) and they are going to show us what it's doing in 
> a way that we *might* be able to comprehend...

I very much like the way Anno deconstructs his show.  As reality
dissolves in Eva, so does our "reality" - the framework of animation
that we've been viewing the show through.  In some ways I think it's
done better in the TV ending than in the movie, because the movie
flashes back from its similar scenes to the original reality, which
takes away a bit of the confusion brought on by lack of anything to
ground yourself with.

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