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>no. He was in the lava. Asuka (wow look! I used the correct spelling! 
>@_@) had come up a little, but she was still quite deep. I like the 
>thought that it was because he wasnt in it for very long, and that the D 
>*err...or was it B? I forgot* type equipment was meant for prolonged 

Yeah, I think it could be explained away as Unit 02 had already raised high
enough and Unit 01 wasn't in there long enough. Don't forget though - in
eps 23 Unit 01 stands almost at ground zero of an explosion which levels
the city, and Shinji is quite safe.

But how is that, eh? Shinji dives into molten lava to save Asuka: she'd
already whined about the discomfort she felt, so how bad would it be for
her to die from such conditions as she sank? Shinji really saved her arse.
What an ingrate.

>>>"I just wanted to see them one more time" ....what the hell is he 
>>>talking about?
>>-> Well, this is after Yui appears and sort of guides him back to life. 
>>Doesn't she say something like, "Was this enough?" and he replied 
>>that's good for you." (whatever that meant, sounds like a mis-trans to 

Naw, Yui said both of those lines. "Mou ii no? ...So. Yokatta wa ne."

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