[EVA] King Records VS SonMay

Billy Ting ancientpc at iname.com
Mon Feb 1 18:30:10 EST 1999

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>Brendan Jamieson wrote:
>> -> If you payed $15 for the End of Eva soundtrack, I can assure you it
>> was the SonMay bootleg. The King Records import is about $45.
>$45?!?!?!?? That's a helluva lot for one CD. Why so expensive?
>> How to know: Did the CD come with the red platic slip-case? Does it say
>> "King Records" on the CD cover slip or is there a big "SM" stamped on
>> it?
>Holy crap, I just checked all my CDs and they all have "SM" stamped on
>them. So they're all illegal, huh? I bought them from a store, I don't
>get it. Is there a difference in the tracks/covers? I've never even seen
>the King Records copies before.

Same here, most of my anime CDs are from Son May.  It's not that I endorse
Son May, but it is more popular and widely distributed.  I mean, if I had
the choice of buying an original paying a couple bucks more I would acting
upon a guilty conscious.  However, if I can't find the original or if the
original is $45, to tell you the truth I would buy the bootleg.  I
understand why around $20 would come from importing and etc, but when
you're asking a guy like me with no job or income to shell out an extra $30
then the bootleg looks a lot more appealing.  Also, all the money Son May
makes is almost all profit.  $1 a CD, $2/3 shipping & handling, and then a
couple more bucks for distribution.  Son May makes a _lot_ of money off

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