[EVA] You know you've watched EVA....

J Chu chubacca at clam.rutgers.edu
Wed Feb 3 03:18:52 EST 1999


Add by James Chu

55.  Insane fan who volunteered to give up five and a half months so far
of his free time to make fan-animation fan
James Chu
Primary Animator for EVA-R
To contact: write to chubacca at clam.rutgers.edu or dance the jig while
waving mackerel around your head, yodel the theme to Cheers in front of a
local McDonalds, or storm the local barbershop and use all the hair
clippings to create a tent ...

"And I'll wear my yellow bunny undies" - C-Ko

"Stupid, STUPID, rat creatures..." - Bone

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