17th?, was Re: [EVA] dub question [24]

Jerico jmele at brandeis.edu
Sun Feb 7 13:34:50 EST 1999

<I have a feeling 7th/1 will be adding to the 'information' posted here,
since its his baby.>

I meant to say TCT is 7th/1's baby. 

<Unfortunately, Kaworu pilots in a manner that is different from the
'normal' children (self set synch rate) that TCT is not really

A clarification: 
(just for arguement)
Premise-> TCT is the actual reason for piloting abilities
Corrollary-> all 'human' pilots have gone through a traumatic childhood.
Premise-> 'human' pilots cannot set synch rates, generate AT fields
outside an EVA, act so ambigously gay, spout kooky philosophy...wait
scratch that one.
Conclusion->Kawrou is doesn't necessarily suffer from a Tramatic

The exceptions to the second premise are for Rei who was not exposed to
any type of interactions and could not be assumed to have suffered a
traumatic childhood.

Thanks for your time.

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