[EVA] Seele's Third Impact (spoil 23+)

Seph(Beserk_Eva-01) Gnok at concentric.net
Thu Feb 11 19:21:33 EST 1999

 The assumption goes that
 each Rei clone is uploaded with the memories of the currently active

Not at all, remember when Rei is talking to Shinji after she self
destructed her eva? the conversation goes something like this:
Shinji:"Thanks, you self destructed your eva to save me"
Rei: "Did I do that?"
"...I think... I am the third"

But then he sees Lillith,
> and... you know the rest.
> Kaoru, Adam, and Lillith - So Kaoru thought he was going to reunite with
> Adam.    

 Note that I don't talk
> about the location of Adam's original body (the embryo).  As long as his
> soul is merged with Lillith's in Lillith's body, the vessel that carried
> it is inconsequential.

I wonder why he didn't see anything in Rei though, you'd think an angel
would notice something like gods soul not half a foot away from its

> Kaoru and Unit 02 - So what about Kaoru dragging Unit 02 along with him?
> If he had really wanted to, Kaoru could have just flattened Unit 01 with
> his AT Field.  

I see your point, but remember, at the beginning of the fight, Kaoru
still thinks that all is well and going according to (what he thinks is
the) plan. Why didn't he do that then?

The Black Moon was the
> container, and Lillith was needed to funnel the souls into it. 

No, Lillith -or unit one, the clone and backup of Lillith- was the
container, the "funnel" was basically the whole ceremony.. the tree, the
suiciding, the titanic rei that splits at the waist to reveal kaoru.

> And another thing - I mentioned that Unit 02 would be used in the Seele
> Third Impact rather than Unit 01.  But this seems to counter some of the
> ideas about the uniqueness of Unit 01 that it could be replaced.  Recall
> that the JSSDF had been instructed to secure both Unit 01 and Unit 02.
> I'm not saying this particular part is true, but what if Unit 02 is also
> a Lillith clone?  Unit 01 is the only one called a clone of Lillith.

No, Unit 2 is def a clone of Adam, like all the evas except for unit 1.
Seeles third impact would have had lillith as the one getting crucified,
but, if you recall, they said something... -doh, i cant remember-
that meant "Darn, we cant get lillith, ok, lets use the backup/lillith
clone unit one."  NO ONE, but kaoru wants him to merge with adam,
because both Seele and Gendo know that if that happens a destructive
third impact will take place, like 2nd impact, only worse.
See, kaoru wanted to rejoin his body -his soul was adams- and so he
wanted to use unit 2, the adam clone.
Seele and Gendo -though gendo had his own little side plans- wanted him
to merge with lillith, but since that was made impossible, seele had to
use the lillith clone.

And as for the securing of unit 2, they needed it secure so that 

1: they can be 100 percent sure there will be no destructive third
impact, and 
2: even though it wouldnt be used for the ceremony, what if shinji,
unable to get to his unit one, goes to unit 2 and screws everything up.
-they dont know about asuka do they? and they arent aware of shinjis
mental complexes, or at least not of his recent breakdown.-

even if they did know about the above, basically it was "covering thier
asses" so to speak. make totally sure no evas can oppose us and they are

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