R: R: R: R: [EVA] Who/What is Rei? [spoiler ep. 24+]

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Mon Feb 15 16:30:17 EST 1999

>>No. Misato said that Humans were #18, BEFORE 3rd impact. She said 
>>that in the present.
>And how is what you say above different from what I say?

You said that humans aren't angels until 3rd impact. I said that 
humanity IS the 18th angel. We were born of Lillith, like Adam.(Note 
that Lillith was probably born of Adam.)

>We share similar DNA with different matter. And we don't come from 
>Adam. That's like saying a crocodile and an alligator are the same.

"Angels" Is just an umbrella term for the entities that were born of 
Lillith, Humanity, and Angels 3-17. We ARE angels.

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