[EVA] Angels elimination *possible spoiler*

Seph(Beserk_Eva-01) Gnok at concentric.net
Tue Feb 16 13:20:52 EST 1999

Seventh Messenger wrote:
> >>But if all angels must be destroyed (correct term?) before the third
> impact can begin . . .<<
> Humanity is the 18th, and we don't see SEELE ordering the army to start
> randomly nuking (or N2ing). Really big hole in this theory.
> SeventhOne

I see your point, but maybe it isnt "All angels must be destroyed before
the third impact can begin"
"All angels must be destroyed for third impact to be successful"

Example of what would happen in a failed Impact: Second impact

Thus, Rei and all humans die in the impact, EXCEPT for shinji, which
causes it to fail, as not all angels are dead.
Or Shinji did die, or almost did, but came back -he was the only one
allowed to do so since he was in the eva-.

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