[EVA] (EoE Spoilers)The really end of Evangelion.

Jesse Smith jdsmith at shell.servtech.com
Sat Feb 20 16:43:21 EST 1999


>> I think they're "the So-and-so in Shinji Ikari's
>> mind" and are therefore the real people.

> one word: huh?

What I mean is that it's the same deal as in episode 25 - "I am the
Misato Katsuragi within Shinji Ikari's mind." "And at the same time I
am the Shinji Ikari within Misato's mind."  Or in episode 16 - "The
Shinji Ikari in Gendo Ikari's mind, the Shinji Ikari in Misato
Katsuragi's mind, the Shinji Ikari in Shinji Ikari's mind... each of
these is a separate Shinji Ikari, but each of these is a true Shinji

In other words, the Misato in that scene is the *real* Misato, and not
just Shinji's fantasy.

Jesse Smith
jdsmith at servtech.com

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