[EVA] "Manga"

Samuel Crider allosaur at Mcs.Net
Sat Jan 2 11:37:50 EST 1999

> "manga animation"? _If_ I had _any proof that this comes from literal (and
> partial) translation from "manga eiga" (moving images), the old name for
> anime, I could say that it's not wrong, but to me it looks the same annoying
> thing a la "manga comics", that is , ignorance.
Old-time fan Jerry Shaw once posted a story about when he and a group
were visiting in Japan. He was talking to a Japanese man on the train and
was trying to explain that he and the others were "anime" fans -- but
the Japanese fellow didn't know what he meant. Then Shaw used the term
"terebi manga" instead, and *that* the Japanese man understood for
what we always call "anime."
To me manga as a word seems rather like the English "cartoon" -- it can
mean both a drawing and an animated film, depending on context.

Samuel Lewis Crider
allosaur at mcs.net

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