[EVA] s^2 engine

Profumeria GIRASOLE giraprof at tin.it
Sat Jan 2 21:01:18 EST 1999

 think that the s^2 engine is not the forbidden fruit form the Eden. It's 
that the Angels had it and Nerv and Seele want it, but the engine can be 
considered "good", because it makes the Eva indipendent from the external 
I'm writing these lines and I find miself thinking: Angels=god; Seele=Adam 
and Nerv=Eve ?
If i'm not wrong Nerv is born from Seele, like Eve from Adam's rib, but 
Nerv can be considered the good society, because it's trying to save 
mankind (in its actual shape), and Seele is trying to change it, and maybe 
causing its destruction.
After this, I think that the s^2 engine is not the forbidden fruit, because 
with that Shinji ( and his mother ?) had saved mankind from being turned 
into LCL or something similar.
Can we consider this a right final or not ? Rei is Lucifer or Cain or 
someone evil from the bible?
I've readed about the Eva 05, I think, because the guy who has described it 
was talking about large wing and a thin body. Well, it's very scaring, a 
sort of grim reaper, is it.
Last, but not least, I need an information about the model of the fifth 
Eva: the neck is made like the arms of the other Evangelions ?

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