[EVA] biblical figures

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Sun Jan 3 18:15:23 EST 1999

>>I don't know if the grim reaper is biblical figure; I've supposed that 
the fifth Eva was a grim reaper because it's armed with a lance, and 
when it fly its wings are like the mantle of the reaper.<<

The Grim Reaper is a more a symbolic figure than a biblical one, but if 
you're asking whether or not he's in the bible, the answer is yes. The 
point about the Reaper being armed with a lance, however is definitely 
wrong. The Reaper is "armed" with a scythe, the thing farmers used to 
cut grass in the old days. And the point about the wings: The MP EVAs 
had wings too. What's your point? The symbolism between the fifth EVA 
and the Reaper does not exist, because there is no point to be made. 
(Unless you have other evidence to back it up.)

>>Unit 01's SS Engine was refered to as a forbidden fruit because it 
allowed the Eva to reach its ultimate form<<

If that's ultimate, what was Lilith? I mean, the limit to these beings 
isn't the sky. For example, the ultimate form of the shadow angel might 
be mock black hole. The virus might have been able to control all the 
Magi at once. The "ultimate" form of the EVA might be the Tree of Life, 
and that can't exist unless the third impact occurs. Do you want to draw 
a comparison between the third impact and the forbidden fruit? You 
could, you know, but I don't think there is one.


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