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Paul Lampshire gbc76 at dial.pipex.com
Mon Jan 4 14:10:17 EST 1999

<Wholebuncha rubbish about 'why anime characters have big eyes' snipped>
>No, not that again...

I was watching a program about the Mini the other day [This is relevant,
trust me] And they were talking about how the mini was designed to be 'cute'
Big round headlights, small friendly radiator grill, chubby little wings...
Isn't it funny how people can look at a *car* and understand about
'cuteness' and look at anime and totally miss the point?

>I should think that Warner cartoons are so wide-eyed
>because of the Bug-Eyed-Monsters "lucrative" market? How much does Gainax
>get from us ompared to internal market?

I believe that the most that ADV payed for EVA was $1 million  [US] but I
believe it's more likely to be 250,000. Assuming that the other companies
that have licencesed it payed a similar amount, that adds up to, I would
guess, maybe $5 million [US].

IIRC, tickets for EoE were about 1500-2000 Yen. [Hey it's been a while]
[$10-14[US]] Now let's say it ran for one month, and assume that Japanese
cinemas are only open 5 days a week, which makes 20 days. 2 shows a day
that's 40 shows. Assume a typical cinema has 200 seats and fills half of
them, That's 4000 tickets sold. That's $400,000 [US] Assume 50% mark up,
that makes $200,000 per cinema. If only 25 cinemas in the whole of Japan
showed EoE for 20 days, that's as much as EVA has made outside Japan. And
I've not included merchandising [how much of that finds it's way overseas?]
or sponsorship or Video sales [Or a comparison of the relative sales in
Japan/Rest of the world and royalties coming from them]

In short, if EVA has made more than 5% of it's money from outside Japan, I'd
be surprised.

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