R: [EVA] Eva LD boxset question

EBJ e.barone at flashnet.it
Fri Jan 8 10:05:52 EST 1999

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>> Sometimes I wonder why the Japanese still bother to make LDs, as they
>> Evas on DVDs format too, any ideas why?

>Because back in the 80s--before the Japanese ecomny collapse and the
>revolution hits--LD is a superior format. The install base of LD player in
>Japan and Asia is huge. There's no reason to kill a money making format
>there. In a sense, the Japanese and Asian countries had been enjoying a
>superior AV technology since the 80s'. Only after DVD came out the status
>LD now is being challenged.
>LD is not the perfect medium, but it is great for anime collectors which
>started their collection more than 10 years ago like myself...

Aside from that, LD is, in some respects, still superior to DVD. It has
analog video so if you scratch the surface, you get awful video quality, and
maybe it is not as stable an image as a digital one, but it's the real
thing, not a sampling of the original stuff, as a digitalization/compression
is. Furthermore, though with anime it's not a big problem, due to the grat
amount of uniform surfaces and colors, a DVD sometimes can produce evident
pixels and mis-coloring, the so called artifacts. Not all DVDs do it, it
depends on the disc and on the player, but it's not encouraging. About the
audio part, I know that zone 1 DVDs, american ones that is, have AC3 audio,
so they need an AC3 decoder to play full effect audio, while zone 2 (europe
and japan) discs get ugly MPEG-2 audio. I don't know the reasons of this
choice, but it sucks. MPEG-2 is _not_ the audio format of mp2 files, not
horrible but not excellent either, which goes by the name of MPEG-1 layer 2,
it is the MPEG-2 transmission encoding, originally concieved to have stereo
digital transmission on digital broadcast, and is quite low in quality
(scratchy). The least you can expect from an LD is clean hi-fi stereo.
In essence, to me at least, DVD is an already old technology to come up with
to replace the existing ones, so even if we all get in some years to use it
as a standard, I wouldn't call it an advancement, much less "digital
revolution" as Philips (or was it Sony?) puts it in its advertisements. Get
me a high res, high audio quality all-in-one device with a non compressed
image and I'll admit it is superior to a LD.

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