[EVA](spoil.) EoE

Brendan Jamieson bjamieson83 at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 9 14:20:35 EST 1999

Matthew Cole wrote:
>Damn. It was ahhhhh, confusing to say the least.

-> Care to expand on what's giving you a hard time?

>the lack of explanation at the end.

-> There's no outright explanation, but there are quite a few hints from 
Yui, Kaworu and Rei. The Shinji/Rei Ocean of Life scene is a good place 
to start.

>(not a great movie - it hardly stands on it's own  i. e., i can't >show 
it someone who hasn't seen eva).

-> Well, I guess D&R and EoE aren't literally good films, but you have 
to remember that this was never supposed to be a film like that. It was 
only supposed to be The End, and in that sense the movie did an 
outstanding job making it an outstanding film. I think that Revival of 
Evangelion is what the general public would have gone to; that is if 
DEATH had been edited into a linear, eps 14-esque, re-cap.


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