[EVA] EoE Music

Brendan Jamieson bjamieson83 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 11 13:56:22 EST 1999

"Shinji Sohryu" wrote:
>What is the title of the piece that plays at the end of the movie? 
>It's probably Bach considering Anno loves all things German, but I am 
>not positive......

-> Yeah, it's Bach. "Jesus Beiblet Meine Fruede" is the track. It was 
also played during the live action portion of Human Complement Project. 
Also, the version played during the end credits was not included on the 
EoE OST which leads me to believe it was not the one played in 

-> Now that I read that again... "end of the movie"... do you mean "The 
Closing of the Grave" which played in the Shinji/Rei Sea of Life scene? 
That was composed by Shiro Sagisu...


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