[EVA] EoE titles (SPOILERS)

TJ Hara makishima at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 12 03:27:18 EST 1999

>It's clear to me that Gainax
>intends "I need you" to be the subtitle for the entire last episode,
>with special reference, of course, to the last scene, due to its
>placement.  It looks exactly like every other subtitle telop, after

Well, wait a minute...I have a fan parody that was made from an original 
Japanese episode 1 of Eva ("Peeon Hentai EvanJellyon":  Gendou to 
Shinji, regarding Eva-01:  "Get in before I stuff you in there!"), and 
that break in the middle where the American version shows us the episode 
subtitle was just occupied by the series logo (in this case subtitled 
"Eat at Joe's")...in fact, I think it was Animerica that said the 
episode subtitles were just an American creation.

Secondly, don't the words "One More Final" occupy the space where the 
eisode number usually apears, even in the American subtitle?  It's 
difficult for me to believe that "I Need You" was intended to refer to 
anything but the last few moments of EoE.

"Gekiga-a-a-a-an Punch!"

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