[EVA] EoE(spoliers)

Shinji Sohryu baka_shinji at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 16 16:19:23 EST 1999

>>Mad when she died, but sane (presumably) during the early stages of 
>>Eva project. That is when her soul/chi/essence packed its bags 
>>residence to Unit-02, so I think the voice that talks to Asuka is 
>>sane Kyoko.
>Interesting view. Evidence? ^_^ I'd wager that Asuka's berserks (so to 
speak) while in the EVA are far more severe than Shinji's.

No evidence....just hunches and logic.

>>Even when things are looking up, one always tries to find a 
>>black cloud in the sky.
>And now your view has changed? Amazing. Really. ^_^
>Hmmm. "To be happy in the face of despair..."

Well....look. It's not an happy ending. It's not even a moderately 
pleasing ending. However, I think you are just being stubborn by 
completely disregarding the message of hope (however insignificant, in 
your case) inherent in the last several sequences of the movie. Perhaps 
you need to watch the film again. I wouldn't exactly say EoE gets 
happier with repeated viewings, but it gets easier to digest. Will you 
at least admit EoE is sufficiently vague enough to elicit varied but 
equally legitimate reactions?


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