[EVA] Giant of Light (SPOILERS for EoE)

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Sun Jan 17 20:05:44 EST 1999

>>Lilith is the second. Lilith is only considered first becuase she was 
the first angle SELEE found. Adam isn't born of lilith. This is saying 
God craeted Lilith, and out of a pile of mud craeted Adam? Angels are 
different forms of evolution we could have been.<<

Oh my god! It's another Gendo's Ultimate FAQ fan! 

Okay, first things first. We don't know that Lilith is the second angel. 
Lilith MIGHT be the second angel, but that's just a possibility. This is 
confirmed by those stupid liner notes in the LDs. Lilith is not 
considered the first angel because we don't know that she figures into 
the angel numbering system, and we don't know that she was the first 
angel SEELE found because we don't know that SEELE found her. We don't 
know if Lilith is considered the first angel by SEELE because we don't 
know what SEELE thinks. We don't know that Adam isn't born from Lilith 
because we don't know "who gave birth to them." We don't know that God 
created Adam and Lilith because we don't know if God even exists. That 
angels are different evolutions of humanity is, if I'm not mistaken, a 
buried theory, and therefore is not a fact.

Remember. Research first. Then BS.


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