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Asuka Langley asuka_langley at geocities.com
Tue Jan 19 15:26:57 EST 1999

Seventh Messenger wrote:

> I'm still looking for more information. Note that this quote from the
> RCB translation only states that UNIT-01 is the second EVA. I'm
> interpreting this to mean that the original text is referring to the
> numbering. In other words, this isn't conclusive evidence that UNIT-00
> was indeed built first.

Try this : 

EVA-00 was labled as PROTOTYPE before it went blue (EVA-00' Test type).
The very definition of Prototype is that it was the first working
model.That should be enough evidence that EVA-00 came before anything
else. Plus, all the eva-defects we see in the "Eva's tomb" all resemble
EVA-00, and nothing like 01 or any other, for that matter.


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