[EVA] why on cross? (possible spoiler)

George Chen gchen at community.net
Tue Jan 19 20:37:31 EST 1999


> Well, I only have to say my points of view in here. I think Eva is very much
> in depicting the relationship between god and mankind. Ritsuko once mentioned
> that "man dicovered god, then later trying to become god". I think this is the
> main issue in Eva, as to reflect cynically the human race in history from very
> beginning up till now, doesn't change at all, I mean, mankind perhaps too
> innocent to realise in no way they can challenge or replace the status of god
> but, they still try their best to overcome god, to challenge god, to tease
> god, considering they are the creator and ruler of the universe. Obviously, it
> is a tragedy, a tragedy in human, in human history...

But what is God anyway? I so happen to be in the camp that think "God"
doesn't exist. *If* it exist, it is not in the form that various world
religion want us to believe in.

BTW, I am not sure if you have heard the XTC song "Dear God". Interesting

> Technology is another main issue in Eva hinted that if our technologies goes
> too far, too advance then, we will get destroy eventually.....by ourselves,
> and not by god.

Agreed. Technology is a new form of "tool". To draw a interesting side note
with the great movie 2001 The Space Odyssey, the prehistoric man picked up
the piece of bone/the tool that is human's first contact with
technology/science then we were thrown right into space and saw various
satellites obit around the earth...Also, confirm by one of the interview in
various 2001 book...the first satellite we saw is actually a "death star"
that carries nuclear weapon...now back to Eva...

> The more advance you go, the more further away from god, in
> knowing him, and in accepting him as our master,our father, our creator. Along
> with this, an invisible walls were built between normal human relationships,
> and AT Field could be the metaphor to indicate this.

That I don't agree. What about various churches using the cyberspace to
preserve their believes? The Vatican (sp?) is on the net. They are hip to
it. Do you consider that a bad thing for the religion?

> If I am talking about this god is the true almighty God then, God will know
> the future of mankind what is going to be, as similar to Seele knowing
> consequences from dead sea scrolls.

Well, free will of mankind right?

> Evangelion to me, it is very much another show to alarm mankind, to warn
> mankind, or, simply to show the tragic history of mankind with ambitions, and
> mankind is among the only living things on Earth that have ambitions.

That is one of the various theme in Evangelion. In terms of God vs.
science/technology. It is not the first time Mr. Anno did that. In Nadia,
Mr. Anno basically talked about the same thing but based his rent mainly
from the Old Testament. Religion, as a theme, is kind of a old cliche from
GAiNAX. Nothing new here.

> Of course, talking about ambitions and tragedy of mankind is not the only
> theme of Eva, perhaps we can see the light in why Anno used alot of religious
> symbolism in the show, to make it so obvious that , to reminds viewers that
> "you have to fear god" message, and proves that "god really did grant us the
> freedom of choices". So choose to be good or evil, is totally up to you.

> Of course, I doubt very much if Anno himself is a Catholic or Christian
> though, but maybe if he can also brings in some knowledge in Buddism to Eva,
> then probably Eva will end up in a very different ways.

Well, "nothingness", return to the womb, and one single organism (the
Japanese society?) are all pretty much Eastern thinking. While they are not
"religion" themes, these ideas are certainly clear enough for me to detect.


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