R: [EVA] why on cross? (possible spoiler)

Jerico jmele at brandeis.edu
Thu Jan 21 02:30:29 EST 1999

<Creation is defined as something that is
out of one's mind only, not a rearrangement of something pre-existing.
Evasand Magi (best examples of machinery in the show) aren't created,
they are made.>

I'm sure Naoko(sp) Akagi would argue that point. 

Seriously though, if mankind created an artificial intellegence, of any
kind with mental abilities comparable to a human(even a 'sub-standard'
one) it would be a cause for celebration rather than trepidation. And
who's to say that synthesis is any less 'noble' than out and out
creation. We've stepped in god's terrain for a long time, since we
started using fire. The recent concerns about meddling with evolution
and genetics are several thousands of years out of date. For example,
the development of clothes shifted the balance of natural selection, and
glasses made an evolutionary dead end(myopic people, of which I am a
splendid example) into a perfectly acceptable competitor. 

That's why I don't take the neo-Luddite movement too seriously, and also
why I don't see the message against technology in Eva as being
particularly frightening.
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