[EVA] production

Dafto dafto at 110.net
Thu Jan 21 12:34:30 EST 1999

>On Thu, 21 Jan 1999, Seventh Messenger wrote:
>> Now you're playing around with the numbering. Fine by me. Let's play
>> with numbers. I'd just like to point out that your average numbering
>> system usually starts out with a one. Almost never a zero.
>You've never programmed, have you? It's pretty common to start numbering
>with zero in computer-related fields.

But computers are using binary numbers, so u have no choice but to use 0s
and 1s, and if u just take a look at any kind of software u will see that
the version number starts (after the alpha, beta version)s 1.x not 0.x.


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